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The health & safety of our students, teachers, and families is always our primary concern. Now more than ever we are taking every precaution, under the directives of the CDC, to safeguard and protect the young children in our care by initiating the following practices:

  1. Each classroom has a separate dedicated entrance- one from the back at Wilder Street and one from the main entrance at Chenery.
  2. Upon arriving parents are required to stay outside and maintain 6 foot distancing. Masks are required.
  3. They sign in their child the entrance but are not allowed inside the building.
  4. The child will come alone just inside the door, have temperature taken, hands sanitized, and change outside shoes for inside ones.  Lunch containers are also sprayed with sanitizer.
  5. This process is reversed when leaving.
  6. Desks are assigned to individuals or for rug/floor work correct distancing is maintained.
  7. When lining up for bathroom or time outside, etc., distancing is maintained. Waiting spots are marked on the flooring.
  8. Teachers wear masks. Children are not required but we support any that wish to do so.
  9. While napping the mats are placed an appropriate distance apart.
  10. A separate, isolated space is available to house any child that might be coming down with an illness and is waiting for parents to pick up. – We have had no instances of this to date.
  11. Desks and chairs and bathrooms are sanitized at the end of each day (with a wipe down of sinks and toilets after each use)- and a complete sanitization of all shelves and materials takes place during our monthly teacher workday.