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Glen Park Montessori Preschool

Beautifully guiding children through their preschool years, in a lovely classical Montessori setting offering the beautiful time-honored materials, abundant sunlight, and garden-like outside play space. A place where children learn to love learning, experience peaceful co existence, kindness, independence, and a deep appreciation for our natural world.

Mission Philosophy

We respect each and every child that is entrusted to our care, and honor their unique gifts, talents and abilities.

Our Vision

Above all we want our students to develop a lifelong joy for learning and the ability to be a curious, contributing, compassionate, respectful world citizen, with knowledge, respect and a sense of stewardship for all life.

Our Inspiration

The children, their smiles, laughter, their unadulterated curiosity, their compassion, their individual and unique beauty, their open-heartedness, and their joy.


Across all subject areas, Montessori education emphasizes compassion, respect for others, and individual initiative.

Afternoon School

After school the children have the option of choosing a guided project given by the instructor or one of the many independent, age-appropriate educational materials located throughout the classroom.

Our Inspired Guides

Our Guides work in concert to ensure a warm, loving, enriching Montessori environment for the children we have in our care. We work to achieve this through shared personal experiences developed over years of teaching experience.

Embracing The Natural World

We look at what might be done to help children understand and feel, authentically, that they are a very real part of our natural world.

“An interesting piece of work, freely chosen, which has the virtue of inducing concentration rather than fatigue, adds to the child’s energies and mental capacities, and leads him to self-mastery.”
– Maria Montessori

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.”
– Maria Montessori