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In our complicated world our food and food sources have become increasingly industrialized. From caged animals to hormone and antibiotic injected meats to chemically treated soils, (and now genetically altered crops) our health is no longer being optimally supported. Luckily, we have choices…

We all want to live log and well and our children to be strong, well and happy. It has been proven that what they consume has everything to do with how alert they are, how well they can focus and concentrate, even how well they get along with their friends and peers. Their bodies (and ours) are like finely honed machines with hundreds of different systems working in concert to make everything work- right. And they do-given the right nutrients- those provided by the Earth herself. That is why we are determined to give the children in our care the freshest, seasonal, local organic food available- for the benefit of us all.

Our job is not to convince you that organic is the only way, (although we feel strongly that it is!), but to empower you to make the right decisions for your family. We will be providing resources here for you, your friends, your family and most importantly your children. May they be in good health- always!