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“Dear Rosemary,

We have thought of sending you flowers, a basket of fruit, some beautiful bath oils as thanks for your work with Adi these last three years. But in the end we have chosen the simplicity of words on this page as our offering of gratitude. The power of what you do defies material thanks.

We have been so happy with Glen Park Montessori and with all the vision and integrity you bring to the school. Your artistic and educational prowess are felt by the kids everyday, and by our family as well.

We could not depart GPM without letting you know how much we value the world of animals, colors, letters, numbers, organics and peace-making that you have brought to our son. From the very first year you have always been Adi’s favorite teacher at the school. Certainly he is on to something.

Please feel free to call on us as a reference for the school, or anything else you may need, and we hope to keep in touch.

Best to you with your work, your health, and your ever-evolving vision of a better world. We are thrilled to have been a part of that vision for a while.

In Gratitude –”

“GPM is great. This is our second child and second pre-school in SF. Lovely community and staff. My daughter loves school and is devastated when she is picked up “early” (where early is any time before evening closing). Our teacher is fantastic and communicates openly with us, and the rest of the team does as well. She is thriving there and even naps – which is a testament to the environment and team there… Either that or someone at GPM knows magic.”

“I cannot believe how much my boys have grown since starting at GPM. I am very protective of each of them, and only want them to be in nurturing places. GPM has set the highest bar imaginable. I distinctly remember leaving each of my parent teacher meetings feeling like they were in great care, and that I genuinely was learning more about them from their teachers.”

“I would like to tell you how sad we are to be leaving GPM. Piper is thriving in your program and looks forward to going to your school every day. You have taken a small space and transformed it into a warm and engaging environment to learn academically and socially. You have also made our neighborhood feel more like a welcoming community and we are incredibly grateful for that. If any future applicants would be interested in connecting with parent references, we would be more than happy to serve as one. It would be the least we could do to thank you for making Piper’s entry into school and learning in a classroom such a positive one.”

“We sent our older daughter to GPM a few years ago, and now our son is there. We looked very carefully at many schools in San Francisco, and even had our children’s grandmother, (who was an amazing Montessori preschool teacher for 30 years) visit and cast her vote. We all found GPM to be warm, cozy, true to Montessori principles, and so respectful of children’s abilities. The current student body, and parent community, is very diverse (hard to find these days in SF!) and both the upstairs and downstairs teachers are wonderful. The head of school, Rosemary, impressed us from day one as someone who cares deeply about Montessori concepts and the environment. We were also impressed, from the beginning, by how calm the classroom environments are. The children are not running around wildly (unless they are outside playing) but instead are truly engaged with the materials, respectful of each others spaces, and collaborating. It’s amazing what they can get kids to do with the right instruction! We are very pleased with our choice, and will keep our son at GPM despite offers from other (larger, more well-known preschools). They also have improved in recent years in terms of school administration and communication with parents. Things seem to be running along smoothly on this front.”

“Our daughter has been going to GPM for about 4 months at this point and she loves it. The transition was smooth for us going from a cluttered/disorganized daycare to something with more structure. The Montessori process isn’t for everyone but we have seen a great difference in language; learning; manners; and overall development. She has recently started writing words (which started very quickly…and we can see the excitement in her when she spells/writes).”

“Our daughter has been attending Glen Park Montessori for over a year, and we have had an amazing experience. She has made steady progress in both her academic and social skills. I am constantly surprised by the many things she learns at her school. From studying cultures, plants, herbs, and outer space, she has built up an impressive bank of knowledge the real-world skill of cleaning up after herself plan on sending our daughter there next summer when she turns three. The teachers are wonderful and the classroom environment is positive and stimulating.”

“Our son has been attending Glen Park Montessori for over a year now, and we plan on sending our daughter there next summer when she turns three. The teachers are wonderful and the classroom environment is positive and stimulating.

As part of the application process we got to sit in on a classroom and watch the children work, and once I saw the class in action I was sold. It was incredible to see a group of three- and four-year-olds working calmly by themselves and with each other on meaningful activities.”

“Everyone at GPM, Thanks so much for all you have done for Alina. Today was her first day of kindergarten, and in large part to the years she spent at GPM she is prepared, excited, and ready for school. Take care and we will be sure to plan a visit to GPM soon. Thank you –”

“Both my kids have been to this school and I cannot say enough great things about it. My older son was there for 3+ years, and daughter has been there for 2 years. Apart from the convenient location in downtown Glen Park, the school’s director and staff are what make it a truly special learning environment. They are well versed in the Montessori education style, most have been there a long time, and are completely focused on the children. The classrooms have high ceilings with plenty of natural light. The outdoor play area is safe and cute with plenty of watering cans, fun water toys and a play structure flanked by a huge, beautiful tree.The school serves three nutritious meals through the day (no sugar, no nuts, organic, freshly made, minimal processed food if any) The timing is perfect for working parents; 8am-6pm, and the fees are nominal compared with other private pre-schools. The has been around for 20+ years, and has a very experienced director in Rosemary who does a phenomenal job of the overall program. I highly recommend GPM to any incoming family especially those living in the neighborhood as it can’t get much better than this.”

“We wanted to thank you for all the wonderful years we have had at Glen Park Montessori. We are truly indebted to all of you for the love, guidance and knowledge you have shared with both Chaya and Neela. They have loved all of you, and they have enjoyed every day they have been there. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been with the school for five years! Time has truly flown. With deep gratitude –”

“Thank you so much for the last two years at GPM, they have truly enriched our family! Finley has enjoyed it so much, from the sweet traditions, to the warm and caring teachers, to the skills that have so beautifully prepared her for new challenges. We will be applying again in 2017 when baby brother comes of age, so it’s so long and not goodbye. Many thanks –”