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Health and Safety


During our monthly teacher workday all shelving, materials, and eating paraphernalia are thoroughly sanitized. At school we encourage and oversee proper hand washing, blowing of noses and covering mouths when coughing and sneezing. Parents are encouraged to monitor and assist children at home as we do at school. In addition, we stress thorough bathroom clean-up practices both at home and in school.

Additional health benefits at Glen Park Montessori include:

  • Filtered water
  • Air purifiers
  • Full spectrum overhead lighting
  • Fruits and vegetables are soaked in vinegar water to eliminate possible harmful organisms


  • We practice drills: earthquake, fire: once month
  • Earthquake supplies: we have collected not only first aid emergency supplies but have also collected enough food and water for children and staff to last the suggested 72 hours.
  • Gated perimeter: GPM is located on one of 3 consecutive San Francisco lots on Chenery Street, all owned by the same family. Entry to any requires a key or electronic code.
  • Staff CPR certification: required for all staff.
  • Classroom visit from a firefighter: annual presentation for young children from a fire fighter stationed at the Fire Station on Diamond Street.