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“Dear Rosemary,

We have thought of sending you flowers, a basket of fruit, some beautiful bath oils as thanks for your work with Adi these last three years. But in the end we have chosen the simplicity of words on this page as our offering of gratitude. The power of what you do defies material thanks.

We have been so happy with Glen Park Montessori and with all the vision and integrity you bring to the school. Your artistic and educational prowess are felt by the kids everyday, and by our family as well.

We could not depart GPM without letting you know how much we value the world of animals, colors, letters, numbers, organics and peace-making that you have brought to our son. From the very first year you have always been Adi’s favorite teacher at the school. Certainly he is on to something.

Please feel free to call on us as a reference for the school, or anything else you may need, and we hope to keep in touch.

Best to you with your work, your health, and your ever-evolving vision of a better world. We are thrilled to have been a part of that vision for a while.

In Gratitude –”